Poco Loco

Poco Loco  has been one of Mr. Pea’s favorite restaurants for quite some time, he has been talking about this place what seems like forever. This past week we were actually  in the area so we decided to stop there for dinner. Now I know why he raves abut this place so much, it is really, really good.

 Poco Loco is very unique on the inside, with two round bars  for  you to sit at the counter looking into  the kitchen area, it makes for an interesting dining experience.  I was impressed with the food the moment I walked through the door,  it smelled delicious, and that is usually a good sign  when a restaurant smells  delicious, chances are the food is delicious too! They have a smaller menu  but they have some really great options that you probably won’t find on very many Mexican restaurants menus, like Blue crab quesadilla and  various kinds of fish tacos.

I got  steak tacos, and was even more impressed  when they brought it to me and it was perfectly  cooked steak, usually when I go to a Mexican restaurant they have no clue  how to cook steak tacos and it is always tough and chewy.  They have a very good salsa to go with their chips and salsa they bring to the table,  it is on  the spicy side, so  be careful if spicy is not your thing.  My suggestion when eating Mexican food and you are not in the mood for a margarita of course, is to have a beer called Pacifico. It is light  and refreshing and goes really well with Mexican cuisine.

Poco Loco also has a patio for outdoor dining, I think we might have to go back there  on a nice summer afternoon!




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