Madison Bound

One of the things Mr. Pea and I love to do is go on road trips.  I love road trips! I don’t really care where we go, it is just exciting to visit a new place  or even a place you have been before.  Every year, Mr. Pea and I  travel out to the East coast to Ocean City, New Jersey.  Mr. Pea has been taking road trips out to New Jersey every  year since he was born. Mr. Pea’s mom and family were born and raised in New Jersey and have since past on this tradition to Mr. Pea to go back to Ocean City to be beach bums for a week every summer. The first time we went on a road trip to New Jersey, I didn’t really know what to expect, because I had not been to the East coast before.  I spent most of my childhood visiting my family in Florida, and the Gulf of Mexico had been the only “ocean” I had been to. But the second I got to Ocean City I was in love,  if there is a happiest place on earth for me and Mr. Pea  this place is it. Last year we were unable to go and I know Mr. Pea and  myself were heartbroken. We are going back this year and am so excited to be going back! I will have to share all my favorite things about Ocean City, New Jersey with you all! Mostly to prove that not every place on the Jersey Shore is like that show ‘Jersey Shore’.

Anyways, this past weekend Mr. Pea and I were itching to take a road trip, even if it was a small one. Probably  because the weekend before we spent the weekend in Baltimore   visiting Mr. Pea’s sister and it was good to sort of get away for a little while. So we decided to take a short trip to Madison, WI.  I love it there, I used to go there a lot more often then I do now to visit friends that lived there, but looks like I am getting old because those friends have all since graduated and moved out of Madison. Now, we only stop in Madison on our way out to Memorial Day camping every year. It is another tradition of ours to stop at Ella’s Deli on our way out to Nelson Dewey State Park in Cassville, Wisconsin. If you have never been to Ella’s Deli,  you should visit this top notch kosher style deli, if only just once. It is a neat place and has tons to look at, the restaurant is covered floor to ceiling with animated displays, even the glass top tables contain everything from model trains chugging though tiny towns to marble maze races to test your dexterity. The food is great and is a treat for adults and kids alike.

Ella’s  Deli is great, but it is something that we look forward to every year and I didn’t want to go there with Memorial Day just around the corner. So a friend of mine, Halley,  gave us the suggestion for a place called Daisy’s Cafe and Cupcakery located at 2827 Atwood Avenue, Madison.  Halley and I love cupcakes  and love tying new places to see if they are better then the last place we had been to. Holding on strong as the winner had been Milwaukee Cupcake Company, until she said  that Daisy’s cupcakes were better, well  if that was true, I had to see for myself then.

So Mr. Pea and I got there around 11:30 or so and the place was packed for Sunday brunch. Whoopsie! I didn’t mind waiting  though, it gave me a chance to check out the cupcake display. When I walked in there was a display of delicious looking cupcakes, in variety of different flavors, it was hard to choose which one I wanted.  I told Mr. Pea to just wait until we were seated to make a decision about the cupcakes, even though he had already  picked out the one he wanted.  I should have listened to him though, because  by the time we sat down ordered and were waiting for our food, I told Mr. Pea to just go order the cupcakes to go  so we could eat them later. By the time he got to the counter  the delicious looking display was pretty sparse.  I couldn’t believe all those  cupcakes were gone already, in fact the one Mr. Pea wanted, a banana walnut  cupcake was gone already. He was pretty sad about it, poor guy! I decided on a lemon-blueberry cupcake which was a lemon cake with blueberry butter cream frosting. Mr. Pea decided on a  deluxe chocolate cake filled with with chocolate ganache and topped with chocolate butter cream frosting, I know  poor guy indeed! Both were very delicious and I think I would say  it is a tie for first place as the best cupcake for me.

As for the food that they served there, it was pretty good. I got the egg sandwich which was a  fried egg, avacado,tomato, purple onion and cream cheese on grilled rosemary bread. the sandwich was served with oven-roasted potatoes and fresh fruit. I enjoyed it, the potatoes were very flavorful and I liked everything about the sandwich except for the cream cheese. I guess I am just not a fan of cream cheese on sandwich.  Mr. Pea got Huevos Rancheros de la Daisy which was  chorizo, black beans, seasoned roasted vegetables, fried eggs, pepper jack cheese, and tomatillo-avocado salsa on tortillas with a side of fresh fruit.  Mr. Pea’s only complaint was that he could not pick up and eat his tacos, but I say it probably would have been too messy to do so anyway.

After brunch and devouring delicious cupcakes we walked up and down State Street for old times sakes and headed home. It was a short trip, but it felt good to just get away, if even just for the day.


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