Countdown with Cocktails – 9: Anejo Tequila Old Fashioned

Bitters, water, sugar and spirit.

That is the official recipe for one of the oldest cocktails, the old fashioned. Usually made with whiskey or bourbon and sometimes brandy, this drink's origin can be traced back the the orginal definition of the word cocktail in the 1800s.

While Mrs. Pea prefers her with bourbon and muddled fruit, for this Christmas Eve, I would rather sip on some agave. This cocktail is filled with aromas of orange and vanilla with a smooth, rich finish.

For this recipe, I will swap out all of the tradtional ingredients:

  • Instead of whiskey, I will use Anejo Tequila, aged at least one year in an oak barrel, giving it a smooth smokey flavor
  • In place of traditional Angostura cocktail bitters, I use orange bitters that give this cocktail a citrusy brightness that contrasts  well with the deep, rich, sweet elements of this drink
  • And finally instead of sugar or simple syrup, Agave Nectar, a sweetner derived from the same plants as tequila
  • I will also make this drink in a short flute glass that is better for tasting tequila, though a regular old fashioned or rocks glass will work fine too.
  • Omit the splash of water in this drink, for while it might open up the flavors in whiskey or bourbon, it just dillutes this cocktail.

Anejo Tequila Old FashionedAnejo Tequila Old Fashioned

3 oz Anejo Tequila such as Don Julio

4 dashes Orange Bitters

1/4 oz Agave Nectar


Add Agave Nectar and Orange Bitters to a chilled flute or old fashioned glass.

Top with Anejo Tequila and garnish with an orange twist.




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