Mr. Pea is a huge fan of Mexican cooking, his favorite Mexican chef is Rick Bayless. If  you want to know anything about Mexican cooking  Rick Bayless  is your go to on any subject. We went to his restaurant in Chicago, Illinois Frontera Grill and the food  was melt in your mouth  fantastic.  Mr. Pea has collected all of his books and for Christmas last year I gave Mr. Pea  the complete set of his  television show Mexico One Plate at a Time. A few years ago I took Mr. Pea to this cooking demonstration/meet and greet  with Rick Bayless and I think it was one of Mr. Pea’s favorite memories of his life- he was so excited.

I don’t get the opportunity to cook very many Mexican dishes, because Mr. Pea  usually is the one cooking. But one of Mr. Pea’s favorite dishes is tamales. Mr. Pea doesn’t have the patients  for assembling the tamales so I usually prepare them.  I never liked tamales, until I made them homemade.  I never realized how fluffy and delicious they could be.

TIP: To get perfect tamales every time, check the dough. Fill a glass with ice cold water drop a little ball of dough in the water. If it floats the tamale be nice and fluffy. If it sinks it will be very dense (not very good), don’t worry you can still fix it, put the dough in the fridge for 20 minutes or so, take it out and test it again.

Check it out!


2 Cups Maseca for tamales ( it is a type of flour they sell at El Ray Mexican Foods-most of this stuff is there)
2 Cups Lukewarm chicken broth or water
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
2/3 Cup lard or vegetable shortening

Combine Maseca, baking powder and salt in a bowl, work broth or water with your fingers to make soft moist dough. in a small bowl, beat lard or shortening until fluffy, add masa (dry mixture) until dough has spongy texrure. Prepare tamales with desired filling.

1 1/4 lbs. boneless pork shoulder (you may substitute with chicken or beef- to make it real easy just get a roasted chicken from the store and shred the meat)
16 corn husks
Prepared Masa (dough mixture)

Soak Corn husks in cool water 10 min or so or until they are easy to work with. Spread masa on corn husk forming a square shape (leaving a 1/4 inch from the top edge of the corn husk). Place in the middle of the square a tablespoon of meat, then take the edges and fold them together so the meat is inside Masa and then roll like a burrito leaving the top edge of corn husk open, tie with strip of corn husk or you can use butchers twine. Place open side face up in steamer, Steam for 1 hour.