Beans and Barley

Beans and Barley is a local Milwaukee deli, market and cafe. This East Side specialty market has fresh produce, specialty food items, greeting cards, vitamins and supplements and bath and body care items. This specialty market also has a small sit down cafe inside, with a great menu of good, healthy, homemade food that includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian items.Beans and Barley is a great place to take vegetarians, vegans, or people who eat gluten-free. Their menu has options for everyone, with plenty of filling choices. All menu options can be ordered through their deli counter in the market as well.

What Beans and Barley is really known  for is their burritos. The burritos have been a clear favorite since they first rolled out in 1979.The burrito I like the best is the  Sweet Potato and Black Bean Burrito, it has oven roasted sweet potatoes, black beans, corn, Mexican rice, and guacamole and is served with a lime sour cream, mild salsa and tortilla chips. This burrito is better then any burrito I have had at any Chipolte or Qdoba, hands down. We have even tried to make them homemade, but these burritos are just so good it can not be replicated at home.

Beans and Barley has a really good guacamole.  I am very particular with guacamole and I usually don’t like any guacamole except for the kind I make at home, but this guacamole has a creaminess to it  that  makes it taste so good. So if  you are visiting this cafe with a group of people , it is a good appetizer to share with everyone.

One more great thing about beans and Barley is that they serve Anodyne Coffee Roasting Company coffee, one of my favorite locally owned independent roaster of fine coffee. Anodyne Coffee Roasting makes the best Chai tea, that I have ever had, and I consider myself a aficionado of chai tea.

Also, if you save room for dessert they have a great dessert list with delicious  treats, my personal favorite is the carrot cake. So if you are looking for a place to take out-of town guests, this is a great place to take them. If you live in Milwaukee and haven’t been here, you are surely missing out!



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