Baltimore Bound

So a couple weekends ago we were in Baltimore, Maryland to visit Mr. Pea’s sister,  and we had a wonderful time and she was a great tour guide. During our visit we went to many great places that had good eats I should tell you about, in case you are ever in the area.

First I should start off by telling you the best place for crab cakes…EVER! I’m serious you will never look at another crab cake the same way, they will all be mediocre compare to these delectable cakes. Anyways, the place you want to go is the The World’s Famous Lexington Market located at 400 West Lexington Street in Baltimore, in the market there is a place called J.W. Faidleys Award Winning Crab Cakes & Seafood. These guys  are world famous for a reason, they really know what they are doing  and have been doing it since 1886! Make sure you get the award winning Lump crab cake, you can thank me later. In the market there is a bakery called Berger’s Bakery, and what are they famous for well the Baltimore classic Berger cookies of course. What is a Berger cookie did you say? I will tell you, Berger cookies are a kind of cookie made of a vanilla wafer topped with a thick layer of chocolate fudge that derives from a German recipe, and are a cultural icon of Baltimore. If your in Baltimore you must try one, they will melt in your mouth.

Another neat place we went to for dinner one night was  The Point located in Fells Point at 1738 Thames Street. This restaurant is  nice if you sit upstairs in the beautiful vaulted ceiling dining area, the decor and atmosphere was rustic and beautifully done. The food described as New American all sounded very good, but I was still a little full from the crab cakes and Berger cookies from lunch so  I was looking for  something on the lighter side. Once I saw that one of the specials happened to be one my favorite things fried green tomatoes, my tummy began rumbling with joy. The food was very good and they had a list of decadent desserts, but unfortunately I was too full to try.

The next day for brunch, Mr. Pea’s sister  took us to a great place called the Golden West Cafe located in the Hampden neighborhood at 1105 West 36th Street Baltimore.  This casual family friendly cafe menu is rooted in New Mexican specialties, imagine different combinations of eggs, beans, meats, and tortillas smothered in rich, spicy green chile sauce. The food was really great, but I am not a fan of  the bloody mary’s with Old Bay Seasoning, I know it is a Baltimore thing to put that stuff on just about anything, but I think I will pass.

Later in the day, I was craving some crab bisque before I headed home to the land where fresh seafood is hard to come by.  So  Mr. Pea’s sister suggested a place called Ale Mary’s. This restaurant and tavern is located on the corner of Fleet and Washington Street in Fell’s Point. I don’t know if  it was the day drinking that had taken place that day or the fact that I haven’t had fresh seafood in a while, but that cream of crab soup definitely hit the spot. Also, apparently tater tots are a big thing in Baltimore,  their menu had  eight different kinds of tots on it! So I had to try them, I got the sweet tots, which were sweet potato tots with a tangy dipping sauce. Mr. Pea’s sister got plain ol tater tots,  but  both we really great. The bartender  even gave us this other really good horseradish dipping sauce  to try with both the tots, she said she liked it better then the tangy sauce and she’s right.

Another place I don’t want to forget to mention, that was really great, is this little market, deli and cafe called Milk & Honey Market. What’s really great is that they focus on locally produced goods and high quality products and produce fresh, local and seasonal ingredient food.  I didn’t have much to eat there but their chai tea was probably  the best I have ever had, sorry Alterra.  Also, they had some really great fluffy buttermilk biscuits that tasted like cake, I kid you not.  If I find myself back in Baltimore I am definitely going back there to check out their deli and other menu options.

Needless to say it was a very great trip, I feel like I really got to see some of the great places Baltimore has to offer. There were other places we had stopped for drinks along the way that great and worth mentioning like this brewery and restaurant  called Brewer’s Art, where they had great brews and cocktails. Also, Max’s Taphouse, is Maryland’s largest selection of local and imported beer, that made America’s Top 100 Best Beer Bar list, with 140 rotating drafts,5 hand-pumped cask ales, and a world spanning collection of 1200  bottled beers in stock, it is no question why they made the list. Baltimore was a great place, definitely a  big city  and different from Milwaukee. It was a great experience and I had fun, but Milwaukee is where my heart is, and I never thought I would say that!


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